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On Friday WAGER, WATCH AND WIN in League Championship series action. This one has a Game 6 historical system. A league Wide perfect system and a Pair of undefeated angles. Get the COMPLETE ANALYSIS with CUTTING EDGE DATA that wont be seen ANYWHERE ELSE. Put the POWER of this play on YOUR SIDE and DOMINATE on the DIAMOND.

Razor’s Rare 10* *Top Play* MLB ML Clutch Grand Slam!

Ready to SMACK your man in the face with another winning play?! **#20 ranked MLB handicapper on this site!** (Out of 80+ Cappers!)** What a Run!**#17 ranked Overall handicapper on this site!** (Out of 80+ Cappers!)** What a Run!

Huge winner posted today with a money line play on Yankees v. Astros! Ray Monohan is on a MASSIVE 100-86 (54%) run over his last 195 MLB picks! Razor has made $1,000/game bettors $9,960 since June 13, 2017! *Long term success!* Join the Razor today and start making P-R-O-F-I-T-$ one day at a time.

As always, customers <...


Larry just finished posting his third straight winning MLB regular season and he’s carried that momentum over into the playoffs. Off a loser with the Cubs last night, Ness is now 11-6 +$4.7K in the MLB playoffs. Looking back sees him +$31,000 with ALL MLB selections since July 1st - get on board as he BOUNCES BACK with a BIG WINNER on Friday night!

Stephen Nover's MLB Playoff Game of the Year

Picking his playoff spots carefully, Stephen Nover has won his last three baseball plays and is a sizzling 12-4 on all of his premium and free plays this week. Stephen has found his MLB Playoff Game of the Year in today's Yankees-Astros Game 6 matchup. Stephen has yet to lose in this series going 2-0. Take advantage of Stephen's long-time expertise, top information and blazing hand to win on his biggest game of the playoffs! 

10* MLB Playoffs TV Cash - Yankees/Astros (FOX)

Steve Merril’s AWESOME 174-133 MLB run continues on Friday night with an EASY TV winner that you don’t want to miss - Yankees/Astros (FOX) - 8 pm ET - Get this TV WINNER right now!  Guaranteed Side that will CASH IN BIG!

Rickenbach 10* MLB Friday GAME OF THE WEEK! 67% MLB Tops L6 Weeks!

Scott "The Bulldog" Rickenbach has had more than his fair share of 1-run losses in MLB (while most wins have been SUPER EASY) but those things do even out in the long run. Despite a tight loss with his most recent MLB 10* on LA Wednesday, Rickenbach is still 8-4 his L12 MLB Top Sides. That has included 7-4 with money lines and 1-0 with run lines. He has netted $4,580 in profits with the 4 net winners because his plays in money line sports are all about the VALUE - not afraid of dogs, certainly uses small faves too! The ...

Marc Lawrence Red Hot Never Lost MLB Playoff Top Key Play! - Friday

Don’t make a move on Friday night’s Astros-Yankees American League playoff game until you scope out Marc’s Never Lost MLB Playoff Top 7* Key Play.  Marc has cashed on 11 of his last 16 MLB plays and this beauty is yours - if you act now! 

Chase's 20* MLB MAIN EVENT

***BIG PLAY ON TOTAL***Chase Diamond is starting to really catch fire a perfect 3-0 yesterday and 9-4 69% in his last 13 TOP MLB selections. Grab tonight's 100% guaranteed winner and keep winning with Chase.


World Champion Handicapper Jeff Allen passed in the bases last night but gets back in the win column tonight with Yanks/Astros Game Six. With just a handfull of games left, Allen will be picking his spots the rest of the way with all bases just $25 bucks.

3* Yankees/Astros Game 6 HEAVY HITTER **AMAZING 12-2 (86%) MLB HOT STREAK**

**AMAZING 12-2 (86%) MLB HOT STREAK** Jimmy Boyd has been absolutely ON FIRE with his baseball plays. 

**2x Top 10 MLB CAPPER (#1 MLB 2007)** Don't miss out on your chance to cash in a big profit on the diamond Friday with Boyd's 3* Yankees/Astros Game 6 HEAVY HITTER!

**Red-Hot 62% (57-35) All-Sports Run --8-2 Over L10 Plays--**

This can't miss play is yours for the low price of $34.97 and you are GUARANTEED TO PROFIT or Jimmy's next MLB card is <...

10* MLB Playoffs Game of the Week

TonyK is locked and loaded with a STRONG 10* play for Post-Season action in game 6 between the Yankees/Astros. Dont get suckered into the wrong side tonight!

He is on a MONSTER 18-8 MLB Run!

His MLB Playoff action has been red hot and he loves the diamond that is sure to grab the cash!

Get his 10* PLAYOFFS GAME OF THE WEEK and grab the cash tonight. Better yet, take advantage of a DISCOUNTED Weekly or Monthly ALL SPORTS package.


<b>ON FIRE!  Al McMordie got out the broom, and swept the board</b> again last night, and is now 13-3 his last 16 releases.  On Friday, Big Al goes for his 6th Straight Winning Day, and is STEPPING OUT with a <b>Terrific Baseball Totals Play in Game 6 tonight </b>between the Houston Astros and New York Yankees.  Pick it up right now, and circle the bases on Friday!


<b>Al McMordie SWEPT THE BOARD</b> yesterday, for his 5th straight winning day, and is now <b>13-3 his last 16 releases</b>.  On Friday, Big Al's UNLOADING with one of his biggest plays of the entire season.  It's <b>Big Al's American League Game of the Month</b>, and it's backed by two 100% Perfect situations.  Don't miss it!


The Mack Attack is off a 3-1 Thursday with Ark State, OKC and the Dallas Stars and a tough luck loser on the Chiefs. Same winning formula on Friday with MLB, college football, NBA and the NHL. It's going to be a break out week in college and NFL football ... BET ON IT!

ALCS Game 6 ANNIHILATION >> +$18,010 In Regular Season!

Rogers finished the MLB regular season at +$18,010! Most would be content with such an UNBELIEVABLE performance, but the man we call "The Coach" is HUNGRY FOR MORE! Sure enough, he won his last playoff release, a 10* on the Under in NLCS Game 4!

Join him for an ANNIHILATION Friday in Game 6 of the ALCS - Win or go home for the Astros!

*10* MLB TOTAL POWER ~ 75% w/ Playoff Totals!

Power Sports is hitting an AMAZING 75% w/ his MLB playoff totals thus far! Here in the LCS, he's released only ONE & it was the Under in Gm 1 of Yankees-Astros, which was a 2-1 final (EASY WINNER!).

Friday is an elimination game and Power is again releasing a total! It's a TOP RATED *10* to boot!

**838-666 MLB** Dave's 7* Astros/Yankees ALCS Game of the Year!

Dave finished as the #1 Ranked Overall Capper in 2012 by a LANDSLIDE! He has put together a 2833-2479 Overall Run that has his $1,000/game investors up $76,020! Dave is also a 3-Time Top 7 MLB Capper while riding an 838-666 MLB Run over the long haul! Hop on board for his 7* Astros/Yankees ALCS Game of the Year for only $39.95 tonight! He unveils an UNBEATEN 100% Angle in his game report that's the key to victory for his team tonight! Dave's selection is guaranteed ...

Chip's AL Power Play Best Bet (Yanks/Astros)

Chip's AL Power Play Best Bet (Yanks/Astros)

Chip Chirimbes, 5-Time Las Vegas Baseball Handicapping Champion has been called a 'Post-season Wizard' is off his Power Play winner with New York 5-0 over the Astros and is now 12-7 64% in the 2017 post-season. Friday, Chip is posting another AL Playoff Power Play winner between Houston and New York Yankees. Get this Best Bet winner now for just $39.

MLB 2x Top 10! 50* Powerhouse Play on Yankees/Astros

This MLB money line is GUARANTEED TO WIN!

**#2 ranked 2015 MLB handicapper****#7 ranked 2013 MLB handicapper****#9 ranked 2012 Overall handicapper**

Bobby Conn is on an IMPRESSIVE 76-51 (60%) run over his last 131 MLB picks! He has earned $1,000/game bettors $18,380 since September 05, 2017!

Now it's your turn! Join him with his Yankees v. Astros money line and cash in big today!


Ben Burns is now an INSANE 24-5 his L29 top-rated MLB plays. Going back further finds him at a MASTERFUL 43-14 his L57. On Friday, Burns adds to the pile, while giving EVERYONE the chance to join him. Opportunity is knocking.Seize the moment!


Frank Sawyer’s Hollywood Sports was 2-3 on Thursday — SWEEPING BOTH 25* plays on the Raiders and Dodgers minus the -1.5 Run-Line but losing the KC-Oakland Under, the Dodgers-Cubs Under and somehow with Houston in CFB — but Frank remains on a SCORCHING 13 of 18 (72%) run this week which has fueled Frank’s SENSATIONAL 62% WINNING CLIP over their last 197 plays in All-Sports (122-75)! Now Frank furthers his RED HOT 8 of 10 (80%) MLB run that has furthered his 31 of 45 (69%) MLB TEAR with the Yankees-Astros’ Game Six money-line winner on Fox Sports 1! WATCH &...


Frank Sawyer’s Hollywood Sports EASILY DELIVERED their 25* MLB National League Run-Line of the Year last night with the Dodgers minus the -1.5 Run-Line to further a SCORCHING 14 of 16 (88%) run with their highest-rated 25* MLB plays! Frank is now on a RED HOT 31 of 45 (69%) MLB run this season which is RIGHT IN LINE with his 35 of 51 (69%) MLB PLAYOFFS MARK going back to last postseason and now he UNLEASHES his 25* MLB American League Playoffs Total of the Year for Game Six of the ALCS! DO NOT MISS OUT!

15* Yankees/Astros MLB Blue Chip Premium Play **55% L212 MLB**

**#8 Ranked Overall Capper**

**#9 Ranked MLB Capper in 2009**

Steve Janus is a proven expert in MLB handicapping. He's working on a 55% (114-93) Over L212 MLB Picks! This hot streak has his $1,000 Players Up $13,460 Don't miss out on a golden opportunity to build your bankroll with Steve's 15* Yankees/Astros MLB Blue Chip Premium Play!

This can't miss premium play is yours for the low price of $24.95 and best of all is GUARANTEED TO PROFIT or the next day is FREE!

Sean's Yankees/ Astros Game 6

Higgs is ready to roll out another WINNER in the ALCS. Sean is having a nice playoff run and continues to build your bankroll. Time to get on board! Hand out Cash-Money instead of candy this Halloween $ 


69% MLB ML RUN! 

W.Scott's Yankees/Astros ALCS Game 6 *9-2 L11 MLB Premium Plays*

W.Scott's Yankees/Astros ALCS premium play comes loaded with analysis and stats to back my selected winner.

 This play also comes with a GUARANTEE to make a profit for customers, or will be given a full site credit equal to the amount of the purchase. So the customer can't lose!

 W.Scott is currently 9-2 (82%) over L11 MLB premium selections and 18-7 (72%) L25 MLB ML plays. Currently 16-9 (64%) in 2017 MLB postseason play. Currently #1 rated MLB capper L7 days 8...

MLB Playoff Guaranteed Winner ~ 25-10 Run

Franco is running Red-Hot in the Baseball Playoffs and after another Winner last night with the Dodgers is now 25-10 his last 35 Selections! Join Mark on Thursday with his MLB Playoff Guaranteed Winner and continue to crush the Sportsbooks Direct from Las Vegas! 

Friday's MLB Money Line on Yankees v. Astros *8-2 Run*!

Dustin Hawkins is on an impressive 8-2 (80%) run over his last 10 MLB picks! Join the same handicapper that has made $1,000/game bettors $5,900 since October 13, 2017 with his money line on Yankees v. Astros!

As always, this play comes GUARANTEED TO WIN or the next day is FREE!

Iron Mike's MLB Winner on Yankees v. Astros!

Mike Williams is on an impressive 34-21 (62%) run over his last 58 MLB picks! Join the same handicapper that has made $1,000/game bettors $11,290 since September 19, 2017 with his money line on Yankees v. Astros!

As always, this play comes GUARANTEED!

Alex Smart's - AL Championship Series HR Club Winner - Moneyline

AL Championship Series - Best of 7 - Game 6- NY Yankees  @  Houston Astros . Join me from now until the World Series Champs are crowned and watch your ROI go through the roof. Tests 45-35   MLB money-line  overall run! Frist pitch after 8:05 pm

Jim Feist's MLB Playoff Pounder - Friday

Jim Feist is on a red-hot postseason MLB run, winning seven straight games and going 10-3 in the postseason. Tonight it's game 6 of the ALCS between the Yankees and Astros and Jim has a big winner for you in this game. It's Jim's MLB Playoff Pounder.